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vrf VRF - ActiveX - MS Access - user name

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 29, 1999
Hello Trottin,

The joys of MS Active X controls.  MS can be a little
sneaky with their controls.  I have found on my machines
that some ActiveX controls will run, some wont - it all
depends on what software is installed and waht software is
licensed!!!  I know that some of the controls come with MS
Office - if you get the Developer version you get the
developer licence, if you get the standard version you may
be able to run an existing Ax VEE prog but not develop it. 
It's a bit nasty as you never know whether it is VEE, the
MS control, the OS system or what.  To reduce my confusion
I use a piece of freeware from moonvalley that essentially
lets you know what controls are correctly registered on the


hope this helps

Andy Street
Tel: +44-1-865-273178

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