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vrf Process killer in Win 98 - here is the enclosure

Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 1, 1999
As David Paslay said, you probably want to use FromString here.
However, VEE should never terminate like this, it should error nicely.  This
has been submitted to our bug tracking database and will be fixed in the
next Beta release of VEE 6.
Thanks for the bug report!
Sue Wolber
Agilent VEE Team

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Subject: vrf : error output terminal bug?

Hi all,

in our actual project we have a nice behaviour of HP VEE 5.01 with NT 4 SP
We want to calculate the values from a peak power meter and show them in a
The data values y were wrong formatted and given to the formula object to
calculate the
amplitudes. The formula object has an error output terminal to catch
possible errors.
The formula object causes VEE to terminate without any message.
Can someone tell me what happens?

M. Bernhardt
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