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vee-beta-ug Feature request

Question asked by robert on Dec 2, 1999
This is a request for a new feature in VEE.

What I would like to see added to VEE is an object that acts like
the Flow object Confirm (OK), but with a few differences.

Label the new object as ABORT, color it red, and give it a special
capability that when it is clicked upon, the following events occur:
1.  Every other thread is interrupted, regardless of what it is doing.
2.  The thread following the ABORT object is executed without any
    further interruption.
3.  The abort thread would be ended with a STOP object.


Some times things go wrong and it would be nice if there was a
reliable method for shutting off power, making the test system safe,
and reporting the resulting status.  Once triggered, the test is
aborted and the overall test sequence is essentially over.

One of my recent projects involved some high-value boxes, 40KW of
DC power, water-cooled sources and loads, and some components of the
ATE system that suffered badly if they were switched with the power
still on.  The master power off panic button was crude but effective.
A less-crude method would have been welcome.


Previous requests for this feature were made when I was using VEE 1.0
and every version since then.  So, here it is again.