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IOStatus and Sockets

Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 8, 1999

Hello all,
I am writing an application that uses a To/From Socket object in Connect
Port mode to communucate with an external device.
When I try to use a READ IOSTATUS DATAREADY X transaction it always seems
to return a 1 (true), even if there is no data available to be read.

I have resorted to using a short timeout and trapping the timeout error to
tell if all the data has been read, but it seems like this should not be
Is there something I am missing on how this transaction is used ?
I could not find it used in any of the example programs.

There are a couple of mistakes in the manual for this object, so I am a
little leery of its documentation.
On p. 126 of 'Advanced Programming Techniques' Edition 4 - May 1998:
- Connect/Bind Port Mode cannot be input on a control pin.
- Host name can only be input on a object in Connect Port Mode.

Are there any other descriptions of how to use To/From Socket, or some
other simple examples?
(Its a little hard to follow what the sockets are doing in the card game
example with all the logic involved in managing the card game.)

Thanks in advance,
Peter Fender
Raytheom Systems Co.
St. Petersburg, FL  USA

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