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Vee 4.0 Feedback change

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 27, 1997

I think you need to use an iterator, or move it to a different object
if you already have an until break object.

I would put the until break on the PnP box.  Then the output of the
if/then goes to one input of the juction, and put a start object on the
other input.  The other output of the if/then/else should have the
break object.  I'm not as good as Greg at drawing it out, but I hope
you get the idea.

Mark Ahrens
Hewlett Packard T&M AEO         Email:
"Ask me about Custom Test Solutions"

>Got a problem...  I'll give the specifics of the one I'm working on, but the
>problem is general I think.  It is covered in the books and the help, I
>implemented as I think it is telling me to do, but to no avail...
>Specific problem:  I have a HP34401 DMM.  It has a button on the front that
>specifies front or rear terminal inputs.  You can check the setting of the
>switch, but can't override it.  So, I want to check it and if it is in the
>wrong position, issue a message box, and then recheck.  If it is still in
>the wrong position, repeat the warning/check, until it is.
>Implementation:  I go through the check using the P&P driver.  It returns a
>1 or 0 depending on the switch position.  I do an if/then on the result and
>issue a message box with a retry button if it is wrong.  I then go back to
>the P&P box (control pin has a junction for the flow into the P&P To/From
>box, one from the previous section, and one from the message box, using a
>junction).  I get a illegal use of junction.  If I redo the flow to not need
>the junction (still has the feedback flow from the message box), I get a
>"Must use a junction in a feedback loop" error.
>Both work fine when using Vee 3 compatibility...
>What am I missing?????  Thanks again in advance.  This reflector has been a
>god-send since I started using Vee over a year ago.
>Keith Jasinski