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Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 24, 2002
Hello Bill,

I seem to recall looking at this before: there is a property named 'Flags'
which seems promising but it does not help.  I have looked on the internet
fo help on this, both in the past and again today to no avail.  One site
talking about the lower-level aspects of VB moans:

Things wrong with the FileOpen... dialog box.
You can't resize the box to make it readable
You can't force it to open in details mode
It can't show the directory tree in a separate panel
It can't show the complete path
You can't change the column order
No search direction / search column indicators
Can't add additional columns (attributes, date created, extension)

So I think that pretty well ties that one up.

I think it may be down to making one in VEE ( or VB ) to do the job.

Good luck,

Mike Watts


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