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Calibration error

Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 3, 1997
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<> writes
>I have a calibration problem using components drives to an HP 8753 D.
Hello Hkan

Attached is a section of my utilation of the full two port cal for the

Unfortunately, it's deliberately incomplete out of respect for the
company for whom it was written.

One thing that I discovered is that you can put a function call into a
line inside a direct I/O object and, using this trick, I was able to
copy the HP-BASIC Full Two Port Cal routine from the Programmers manual
for the instrument. Instead of 50 or so direct I/O objects, there is
only a couple, one of which will have 50 lines or so when completed.

The userFunction "UserPromptAndConfirm" ( not included ) simply displays
the message and waits for the operator to hit a key to carry on.

I hope the attached program ( in HP-VEE Rev 3.12 ) will be of some help
to you.