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VRf : OOPS- Re-convert User Functions

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 6, 1997
Item Subject: Re: VRf : Re-convert User Functions
     I just checked out the behavior, and what I describe below is for the
     CREATE-USER-Function.  It is possible to unmake a user function, by
     selecting the user function (edit user function) then selecting make
     user object.  You get an block to put on the main program that has the
     user object, and the user function dis-appears.  If you want to do
     this to make a modification to a user function, clone this, then
     select it and make user function to return it to the user function. 
     One funny, though, you cannot maximize the edit user function window
     or you will not be able to place the user object after it has been
     un-made from the function.

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Subject: Re: VRf : Re-convert User Functions
Author:  JOEL-DUNSMORE-at-om ( at
Date:    8/7/97 1:58 PM

     I have seen the following behaviour:
     Make a user object.  Then select make user function.  You get a user
     function.  Now I want to UN-MAKE the function, (like un-pack) to get
     back to a user object, but when I select Make user-object I get a User
     object -around- the user function, rather than an un-packed user
     function.  That is, I would like the user function to turn back into a
     user object.    Martin, is that your situation as well?
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Subject: Re: VRf : Re-convert User Functions
Author:  gvg-at-lvld ( at HP-Sonoma,shargw1
Date:    7/30/97 7:11 AM
from: Greg Goebel / HP-MXD / 970-679-3030 / FAX 970-679-5971
to:   VRf-Martin Wrede
date: Wednesday, 30 July 1997 0811 MDT
> Hello VEE designers,
> page 4-3 of the "HP VEE Advanced Programming Techniques" tells how to convert
> between User Objects and User Functions.
> When following the procedure given in the manual for HP VEE 4.01 under
> Windows NT, it turned out to be rather unidirectional. Making a User Function
> from a User Object seems to be possible, but not the other way round.
It seems to work as advertised:  if you go to the UserFunction object menu
and select Make UserObject, you get a UserObject.
> Are there any comments, suggestions, workarounds ?
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