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VRF - LAN Instrument

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 11, 1997

You are right that you can't use *Instrument* I/O, but you can use other
I/O.  In  particular, you can use To/From socket to talk to the instrument.

In fact, if you're talking to an 871XC, this capability should be in the
instrument's web page help.  I spoke with one of the designers and he
put the information in.

Mark Ahrens
US TMO Call Center

>Subject: VRF - LAN Instrument
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>Here's a new wrinkle (at least new to me). I have an instrument with
>a LAN interface, such that one can telnet directly to the instrument
>and without logging on issue SCPI commands and receive responses.
>And of course I am looking at how to talk to this using VEE.
>As far as I understand I can't use Instrument I/O at all since it's
>not a gateway - no HPIB or serial or the like but rather a direct LAN
>If I was in Unix I'd exopect to be able to use an "Execute Program"
>then read/write command via stdio. However I'm here on a PC, so
>stdio doesn't exist, and so the "execute program" object doesn't
>do transactions.
>Short of writing some sort of external program to act as
>an intermediary, are there any suggestions?
>So far as I can tell the only services available are telnet and ftp.
>This beast can generate X displays to a remote server, has on-line help
>via the display, etc.
>It has HPIB interface but I'd like to talk via the LAN connection.
>Stan Bischof

Mark Ahrens
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