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Matrix Scanning

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 7, 1997 wrote:
>      I am attempting to scan data into a matrix. This would be a two
>      dimensional array with the number of rows and columns set by constants
>      defined by the unit I am testing. I had no problem setting up an array
>      but the matrix is giving me problems. I want to do a nested looping
>      structure with two counters but I have not been able to figure out how
>      to do this in HP-VEE. In Basic I would use nested for - next loops but
>      can this type of thing be done in HP-VEE?
>      Larry
An alternative to using loops, which can be time consumming, is using a
>From String object.  If your scanned data is in a 1D array (which most     
DAQ cards return) and say the array is a 5 channel by 10 sample scan,     
or 5x10 2D array, you simply send the 1D array into the From String
object but set the array size (in the I/O transaction box) to 2D with     
with a size of (5,10) and your output will be a 5x10 2D array.  I hope
this is useful.  VEE is very capable when it comes to manipulating