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VRF - HPIB Interface CCA'S

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 11, 1997

> Due to Plug & Play bugs for their HP 82341D cca (under WIN NT 4.0),
> I will have to buy their HP 82341C cca; which by the way cost more
> money.
> Since I have to buy 20 of these HPIB interface ccas I would rather not
> buy a revision behind the current "D" version. HP says the bugs for the
> "D" revision will be fixed with WIN NT 5.0, but I don't envision
> switching
> from 4.0 to 5.0 in the near future.


There really are no inherent "bugs" in the 82341D.  The issue related to
NT is simply that NT 4.0 is not PnP compliant and the 82341D is a PnP
card.  The problem which may result when using the 82341D on NT is
that you *may* run into an installation issue.  This problem can occur
when there are I/O port address or IRQ conflicts.  The difficulty arises
due to the fact that these conflicts need to be resolved by resetting
the card to a new address and or IRQ, and the conflict itself may make
this difficult, since the change will need to be made via software.  If
the conflict cannot be resolved first by disabling the device causing
the conflict, you may run into a "catch 22" situation, which you cannot
ultimately resolve.

The problem of unresolvable conficts only occurs in a small percentage
of systems, but because the problem may, in fact, have no solution we
cannot recommend the card for the current NT platform.  All of these
issues will disappear with the release of NT 5, as this version of NT
will be PnP compliant.

> Has anyone out there used the HP 82341D without any of these bug
> problems?

We do have customers succesfully using the D card, but cannot guarantee
a succesful installation.  Once properly installed, the card will work
just fine on NT.  Please note that the 82341C card offers equivalant
performance, and is in no way a second choice card.  The substantive
improvement offered by the D card is ease of installation in a PnP

Scott Turner
HP VEE Technical Support