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Plotting to files

Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 4, 1997
Hello Steven,
        I have done this sort of ting with logging files on a PC.  What I have
     done in the past is build a base file name (usually I use a variation on
     today's dat3).  I will then start a loop that appends a number from the
     loop counter to the base name.  Then I try to read something from that
     filename, using a FROM FILE box with an ERROR output.  If the object pings
     the ERROR output, then that file does not exist, and I break from the loop
     and return that filename.  If the Read returns some value, then I close the
     file, and go to the next iteration of the loop.  If I run out of possible
     numbers, I will return an error indicator to the user.
        I have built this into a function that takes a DIRECTORY and a FILE    
     IDENTIFIER as inputs and returns the new file name.  You could use the same
     method to determine a plot file name before you begin your plot to make a 
     new file .

        Tom Groleau
        HMSC, Tucson, Az


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Subject: Vrf: Plotting to files
Author:  Steven DeSmitt <> at CCGATE
Date:    9/4/97 2:49 PM

In the UNIX version of Vee 4.01, you can plot to a directory, /tmp/veeplot
When you do this repeatedly you get files with names:

plot3 ...

In the PC version of Vee 4.01 you can set up a printer in NT, with the driver
of your choice, which prints to a file.

The problem is, you have to supply the file name. Is there a way to to get
the same result as in the UNIX case?

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