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Vrf_VEE3.21_Caution Dialog Boxes

Question asked by VRFuser on May 29, 1997
Hye all !

I've some strange behaviours with HP VEE v 3.21, on a windows NT 4.0

I've developped a test program to drive a specific acquisition system and
it's working fine,
but sometimes it happens the following :
in the detail view, a succession of Caution boxes appears (one after the
other) saying
"Ignoring unknown keyword 'teminals'", "Ignoring unknown keyword 'vewfor'",
and some others unknown keywords with accentueted characters ...
Clicking Ok, I finally get an Error Dialog box  saying "End of File or no
data found while searching for the block closure Error number : 701"
Then, clicking Ok again, I have the indication "Routing line 56 of 56", as
if I've done a lines clean up.
And this indication is remaining on the screen, even if I run the program or
I go in the panel view.
The program can be ran successfully without having such problem, and then
with no explaination,
I get all this again.

Is it a known bug, has anyone has encountered the same behavior ??

You will find attached a report generated by the windows NT diagnostics tool
(after I closed the vee program).

Thanks in advance ....

Pierre-Eric Dereux
E & S Lab - Bell Helicopter Textron Canada
E Mail :