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VRf: Supported platforms, etc.?

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 10, 1997
> Subject: VRf: Supported platforms, etc.?
> Author:  Non-HP-potts ( at HP-USA/o2=mimegw3
> Date:    7/10/97 11:28 AM
> I was tasked today with working on a presentation we are preparing for
> Hughes Space Communications in El Segundo, CA. We are attempting to
> define what role we, as System Integrators, can play in providing
> centralized control for their test systems and subsystems.
> The overall goal is to have a Test Executive running on a Host platform
> (most likely a DEC Alpha running Digital UNIX 4.0), which provides a
> User front-end and Developer toolkit for command and control of test
> systems via Ethernet. The test systems (& subsystems) would excercise
> direct comannd and control of instrumentation and Units Under Test via
> VXI, GPIB, etc.
> Several questions were raised with regard to our potential use of
> VEE as the Test Executive.
        Why limit VEE to the test executive?  VEE may be very useful within the
        test systems & subsystems as well.

> 1. Is Digital UNIX 4.0, running on a DEC Alpha workstation, a supported
> platform for VEE and, if so, what version(s) is (are) supported?
        No Digital UNIX support at this time.  Maybe the lab will respond
        with futures.

> 2. Does VEE 4.x continue to support calls to external programs (AND
> shell scripts) as well as function calls to DLLs on Windows platforms
> and shared libraries on (supported) UNIX platforms AND?
        Yes.  The HP VEE Advanced Programming Techniques manual (E2110-90051)
        table of contents includes the following:  (additional topics and
        subtopics removed for brevity.)

        Creating a Compiled Function (UNIX)
        Creating a Dynamic Link Library (MS Windows)
        Using DLL Functions in Formula Objects
        About ActiveX Controls
        Communicating with Programs (UNIX)
                Execute Program (UNIX)
        HP BASIC/UX Objects (HP-UX)
        Communicating with Programs (PC)
                Execute Program (PC)
                Using Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)
                Dynamic Linked Libraries (DLL)

> 3. With regard to networking, what level of support does VEE 4.x offer
> for  sockets, named pipes, and RPCs?
        Again from the HP VEE Advanced Programming Techniques manual:

        To/From Socket
        To/From Named Pipe (UNIX)
        About Remote Functions
        About Callable VEE
                About the VEE RPC API

> Could you please pass the above questions to the appropriate respondents
> and keep me informed of when I might expect a response. Also, wherever a
> WWW page, white paper, book, or manual addresses one or more of these
> issues, please attach an appropriate link, copy, reference or pointer.
> My target date for a complete write-up is next Wednesday, so I really
> need to have these, as well as any follow-up, questions dealt with by
> the end of this week. Obviously turn-around time is critical. As a
> consequence, could you please provide information on how to contact the
> appropriate respondent for each question by phone and e-mail. This will
> greatly facilitate my efforts to include VEE as part of our proposal.

        Good Luck!

>  Thanks for any help and support that you can offer in this excercise.
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