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VRF - Operating system performance

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 13, 1997

     If you write straightforward VEE code, you shouldn't have any problems
     since the same version of HP VEE runs under both Windows 95 and
     Windows NT.  However, if you are using DLL libraries or other non-VEE
     functions (DDE, ActiveX, etc), you'll have to ensure that the function
     is supported under both operating systems.
     Note that if you do run into differences, you can use the whichOS()
     function to ensure that the same VEE program can be run under either
     Current _minimum_ PC hardware requirements for Windows 95/NT are:
                        Win95                   WinNT                Note
                        -----------------       -------------------  ----
     OS Revision        Win95                   3.4 or higher         
     Controller         486/66                  486/66                 1
     Memory             16/24 MB                24/32 MB               2
     Hard Disk          25 MB free              25 MB free             
     Graphics           640x480 VGA             640x480 VGA            3
       1.  Pentium 90 or higher recommended.
       2.  Numbers given are minimum/recommended.
       3.  1024x768 or higher resolution recommended.
     Bruce Wenner
     HP St. Paul

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Subject: VRF - Operating system performance
Author:  Non-HP-craigs ( at HP-USA/o2=mimegw3
Date:    8/14/97 12:00 PM


I am going to upgrade from 3.12 and will be running the final tests probably on
Windows 95 machines.

Can I run the "development " machine on NT 4 and then run the completed code on
the 95 machines transparently?

Any comments on the specifications i.e. Processor, RAM, HDD, HPIB card, etc  for
the development machines and test rig machines would also be appreciated.


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