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VRf - Irritations

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 4, 1997
To:       VEE Reflector
Subject:  Multiple VEE's and won't Maximize
Platform: Windows NT 4.0 on Vectra Pentium PC with VEE 4.0

I've got two questions that are more annoyances rather than
severe problems.

First, I know NT and VEE both allow you to run multiple copies of
the same VEE program at one time, so how does one defeat this added
blessing?  My program that production test runs, controls a good
amount of expensive test equipment.  The program expects the
equipment states to be exactly where it put them without any
extra time wasted re-checking.  Running two or more programs at
the same time, could prove disastrous.

I guess one quick and dirty way would be to set an environment
variable that SET's VEE=ON, or something like that and check for
it when you run.  But if a program is abnormally terminated it
would not clear this and another copy would then refuse to go.
Same with a temporary file used as a flag.

Any other ideas?  Can NT (or 95) itself be queried to find out
if another VEE program is already running?

And on a less important (but more irritating) subject, you offer
start-up switches that can control the size and position of the
window when it runs.  I can find nothing to force VEE to MAXIMIZE
its window.  Is this difficult to implement or something?

Also, RunTime has NO window position/size switches available at
all, and worse yet, if I set Run Maximized in a shortcut properties
box, VEE always overrides that and does what it wants anyway.

Any plans for future enhancements along these lines?