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VRf - DLL's VEE 4.01

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 13, 1997

I wrote and successfully executed a DLL using Borland 5.0 and VEE 3.2, but
when I ported it to another computer running VEE 4.01 I get the error
message when trying to import the library - "cannot execute <filename>". I
have VEE 3.2 running on a pentium PC and VEE 4.01 on another pentium PC
both using Windows 95.  Am I missing a compiler switch or what do you think
the problem might be???  Any direction is helpful.
Thanks for the fast responses. Here is more information.
I used Borland to compile the DLL as 32 bit using DllEntryPoint().  When I
import the library from within VEE I set the path for the DLL and the *.h
in the inport library object. Any more ideas are appreciated.

Sandra Koppen
Hampton, VA