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Environment Color change

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 16, 1997
> Subject:       Re: Vrf: Environment Color change
> We have had a similar problem with our Gateway P5-90s using ATI GX Mach 64 PCI
> bus video card. .....
> Jim Kneale     

> Problem : When starting up MS Access from within HPVee the HPVeet colors
> change drastically. Once I do a selection such as "OK" in HPVee the colors
> change back to normal.
> Author:  "Gustin; Mike" <> at BALT.SMTP

We have seen similair things on a compac laptop, win95, vee3.21, but
also V4.01
I think it has to do with the windows color lookuptable. When
different applications use different color schemes at the same table
entry, then the above can happen. It has also to do with number of
available colors. I should try to have a VGA driver with as much as
possible colors (not 256).
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