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To File problem

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 16, 1997
"Gustin, Mike" <> wrote:
> I would appreciate help with this problem.
> I am currently using 3.12 running on windows 3.11. My processor is an intel
> 133MHz Pentium.
> I am using a "To File" object  in my program twice in both cases it is
> writting to the same file. The first instance is in my main program where I
> write header information to the file. This instance has the box for clearing
> the file at prerun checked. The second instance is in an imported vee
> routine.
> The box is not checked to clear the file at prerun in that test program.
> When the main program is run and the second instance "To File"  is imported
> the check box for clearing the file is checked off. The orginal program does
> not have it checked but the imported version is checked to clear.
> How do you fix this problem???

Remember that the file system allows exactly _one_ write pointer to
a given file from your VEE process. This is not a VEE issue per se
but rather is a basic function of the OS and file system.

What this means inside VEE is that all the TO FILE objects referring to
a given file must share the same pointer. Hence they also must
share attributes such as "clear the file at prerun".

Now, in your case, just what is the "problem" that needs to get fixed?

It sounds like you want your file to be cleared at prerun. And I'm guessing
that your imported routine wants to append to the file rather than
clearing it? If so you shouldn't have any problems.

Another way of looking at this:

Your VEE program is writing to exactly one file. You have
multiple TO FILE objects. It would make no sense for one of them
to say "clear the file at prerun" and another to say
"don't clear the file at prerun". Can't have it both ways, given that
prerun occurs exactly once!

Perhaps I'm missing the point. Please explain further what you are trying
to do and what isn't working.


Stan Bischof

From: Greg Goebel <>
Subject: Re: Vrf: To File problem
To: (Stan Bischof)
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 97 8:42:41 MDT

> Now, in your case, just what is the "problem" that needs to get fixed?

Now be nice, Stan, we are representing HP here ... gvg