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VRf: Regression question

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 22, 1997

     Hi All,
     I need to do a regression on the following equation:
     I = 1 + A(1-exp(-t/T))
     The known variables are I, t & T. The unknown is A. Is there a way to
     feed this equation into the Regression box?
     Are there any add-ins that will do non-linear regressions?
     Currently I am working around this by:
     Let x = 1 - exp(-t/T) yielding  I = 1 + Ax.  Then use the linear
     regression box with the formula y = c0 + c1x to get the coefficients.
     This doesn't give the correct result because the c0 coefficient does
     not equal 1 exactly.