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Vrf - window size problems: VEE 3.12 / Windows 95

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 19, 1997
>     Hello all,
>     I sent this query a few weeks ago, but got no response.  Maybe the
>     email didn't get to the reflector, or maybe noone knows the answer. 
>     In any case, I'm trying again.  Thanks...
>     I'm trying to run a VEE 3.12 Run Only application under Windows 95. 
>     I'm having problems forcing the VEE window to come up either maximised
>     or sized such that it fills the screen.  The window always comes up
>     with its top left corner about 5cm to the right and about 5cm down
>     from the top left of the screen.
>     I've tried putting "Maximised = 1" in the V.INI file, also setting the
>     Windows 95 Program properties to a maximised window, also saving the
>     VEE file in a maximised state, also saving non-maximised but filling
>     up the screen.  None of this seems to work.  Anybody got any ideas?
>     It's quite important because the test station will probably not have
>     a mouse, thus the window cannot easily be moved.

In the V.INI file, uncomment the Geometry entry and set it to something like


where the 1024x768 should be set to your screen resolution.  You can leave the
Maximized property set to zero.  You will have to save you application in the
size you want (stretched to full screen), otherwise the runtime will shrink to


Bruce Wenner
HP St. Paul