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VRf-Telnet window automatic logon w/name&password

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 21, 1997

I would guess that the PASSWORD input does some special tweaking of the
socket.  I assume that you are using the to/from socket to talk to port
23 on the SUN.  If so, you may want to spy on the connection, both from
VEE and with a standard telnet program and look for differences.  The
program I use is called teerelay.  It's available from many places, including, also know as "The HP-UX Software Arcive
at UW-Madison". I've also placed a copy on

Mark Ahrens
Hewlett Packard
US TMO Call Center

>I seem to be unable to redirect the PASSWORD input when I am attempting to
>use VEE to
>logon to a SUN computer as a telnet session automatically. I am able to use
>VEE to create
>the session and if I type in the PASSWORD manually then I get in and VEE is
>able to start
>the text interface applications and control them properly and
>I am using a HP-UX 745 industrial computer running VEE 4.0
>I tried the same thing with VEE 4.1 on my PP200MHz with 32MB RAM with an
>connection to the SUN in question and I still had the same problem.
>Has anybody done this successfully and if so how?
>I know the work-around of no password on the SUN account that the HP VEE
>will use but
>this defeats the purpose of security...

Mark Ahrens
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