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Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 14, 1997
To: VEE Reflector
re: VRf-Maximize_VEERun errors
date: 9/15/97

>> Is the veerun geometry setting an issue only with 95?  I ask because
>> I have been able to specify veerun.exe -geometry 1024x768+0+0 to get full
>> size no problem on NT 4.0, but haven't tried it on 95 to know what the
>> problem is.
>Well, now that I've actually sat down and tried this, I have to admit that
>I'm not sure what the problem is, either, since it seems to work fine Win95
>or WinNT.
>I'll copy the VRf on this matter to see if anyone can clarify.

Hi fellow VRF'ers,
The solution seems simple enough.  Install the 4.01 patch to whatever 32
OS you are running and the -geometry command will work with run-time.

Straight from HP 4.01 bug fixes...
14492 'veerun' errors if the '-geometry' command line argument is

I tried it first without the patch and recieved a command-line error.
installing the patch it worked perfectly.

Hope this helps clear up why some folks struggle with this and others
to have no problems.