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Scope hardcopy using HP VEE?

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 25, 1997
Dear Sirs,
I got this address from your local distributor Meilhaus in Germany, where they
proposed, that I couldt find here a solution for my particular problem.
I am working with HP VEE 3.12 and tried to read out a hardcopy from a Tektronix
scope via the GPIB interface. The length of this hardcopy data is generally
unknown and depends on the selected format (HPGL, BMP, PCX ..) and the
complexity of the scope screen.
I found no way how to read a binary block of unknown length within HP VEE using
the direct I/O.
According to the Tektronix manual the hardcopy data transfer is terminated by an

I wouldt be very glad to hear from yopu any suggestions, how to overcome this

GNF e.V.
Klaus-Peter Francke
Rudower Chaussee 5
D-12489 Berlin