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Second time

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 17, 1997

Environment: Workstation B-160L, HP-UX V10.20, VEE 4.01.

Hello everybody,

My main program imports a lot of VEE libraries. Every of these libraries
include their corresponding global variables, although common global
variables to all the libraries are declared and initialized in the main

I have not problem when I run the program the first time if all is good.
However, if execute the program the first time and get an error, when I fix
the error the program get a new error the second time. I found out it and I
discovered that these kind of errors are due to mismatching among global
variables. That is, it seems that the error (it doesn't matter which type of
error is) mixed the global variables and when the program is run the second
time, a global variable has other data and shape that required. It is
special applicable for records.

If I open again the same file (event without starting the VEE window) and
run it works fine.

I not sure if this problem is due to a bug in my libraries (although I don't
know of what type) or it is due to the compiled mode. Maybe it is connected

Anybody knows something about it?

Juan Carlos Martin
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