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VRf - Here is how to unsubscribe

Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 18, 1997
To all HP VEE Email Reflector users,

% If you want to get off the reflector, please send a message to
   "" (not the VRf) with line:

       offvee / <address> / <name & fax etc>

   For address changes, contact "pctm" at the same location.

Example (one line in message body):

Subject: Unsubscribe (subject not important)
Message Body:
  offvee / / Me Myself

For those who use this forum to send messages:

  Remember always put "VRf" in your Subject for all messages sent
  to  This helps those who use mail filters
  to direct the messages into the proper folders.

Braeton Taylor
Software Technology Department
Hughes Network Systems
301-548-1272 FAX