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Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 17, 1997
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from: Greg Goebel / HP-MXD / 970-679-3030 / FAX 970-679-5971
to:   Vrf
date: Friday, 18 July 1997 1417 MDT

Hi All:

I had a question on our Exchange publication ... just to be thorough, here
are all the services we offer.  Any questions, let me know.

[%%] regards -- gvg

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MXD Support Services

   *last update 05 mar 97 / gvg*

* The PC Test & Measurement (PCTM) support team provides assistance on the
following subset of products for HP-MXD:

% HP VEE for Windows and HP-UX.
% HP BASIC for Windows.
% HP I/O products for Windows: SICL/VISA/Plug&Play/HPIB/GPIO
% Certain older T&M Products for PCs.

Our support services include:

% Providing descriptive information and advice on our products to help
   clients make decisions relative to those products.

% Providing assistance on installation and configuration of said products.

% Providing advice (and when useful, simple example programs) to assist in
   the usage of these products.

% Providing help in debugging and troubleshooting operational problems.

Restrictions include, as a rule:

% We do not provide loaners for or free copies of our products.

% We do not provide information on future products or product releases, as
   such information is HP company confidential until publicly announced.
   While we may reply to customer queries about specific fixes or new
   features to be incorporated into new versions of products, such remarks do
   not imply any guarantee that such a new version will actually be shipped.

% We do not provide assistance in debugging configuration or operational
   problems of the host computer itself.

% We do not provide consulting or training in computer operation or
   elementary programming skills (though we do have materials available to
   assist in some cases).

% We do not write application programs for clients above the level of simple
   example programs (of about 50 lines of code or 15 VEE objects); we will
   provide such example programs when that is the most efficient means of
   resolving a problem.

% We do not attempt to debug client programs unless they are simple,
   minimal, self-contained programs focused on identifying a specific problem
   and not more than about 50 lines of code or 15 VEE objects in size.

% We do not take responsibility for support of third-party devices working
   with our products except to the extent that our products interface to them
   -- that is, we can specify how commands should be sent to a device but we
   cannot define in general what commands should be sent to a device.

% If solution of a problem requires interaction between HP and a third
   party, it is the responsibility of the client to arrange communications
   between HP and the third party, as the third party is under no obligation
   to assist HP personnel.

% We will take responsibility for support of our products with other HP
   products to the extent that we will attempt to contact the responsible HP
   division and obtain assistance from them.  If we are not able to do so, we
   reserve the right to ask the client to escalate the problem through their
   HP sales or service channel in hopes of obtaining a more rapid response.

* Call-in support is provided for all these products except VEE for HP-UX
through our online support team at 970-679-3030 (staffed workdays, 8:6
mountain time).  Support for VEE for HP-UX is through HP Response Center

Email support for all PCTM products is available via: (or

We will acknowledge support requests as soon as we are able.  We cannot
guarantee any resolution time or that a problem will be resolved.  Customers
will obtain better service if they formulate a precise description of the
product and have information on product revision -- and, when appropriate,
host computer type and operating system revision.

However, indiscriminate dumps of configuration data tend to make a solution
more difficult; if further information is required, that can be discussed.
If the problem proves too detailed to resolve verbally over the phone, then
we may request documented details for delivery by FAX or email.

* A monthly newsletter is available on PCTM products -- just send an email to
the address above to request a subscription.  You may obtain a subscription
for a direct mailing, or just get a notification each month so you can pick
it up off our World-Wide Web site (see below).

A pair of "email reflectors" for VEE and for HP BASIC for Windows (or other
dialects of RMB) is also available by writing the pctm email address.  An
email reflector allows you to write to a specific address (released to
subscribers) and have your message copied to everyone else in the list.  It
constitutes an informal user group.

We also check the newsgroup "comp.sys.hp.apps" on a regular basis; if you
submit questions to that forum, we will try to answer them (though if the
basenote titles don't say "VEE" or "RMB" we might miss them).

The PCTM group has plenty of useful information available to customers and
internal people for World-Wide Web and FTP access.  Customers can access the
open-net server, while HP people can access the internal server; the two
sites are mirrors (except for product disk images that are generally only
available for HP people on the internal server).

We prefer that HP people use the internal server to reserve access to the
open-net server for customers.

Note that though the servers are accessed over the Web via FTP, this works
just the same as HTTP for all the things we are doing.

   Open-net server:

      Web access:

      FTP access:


   Internal server:

      Web access:

      FTP access: (
Finally, we have a telephone BBS at 970-679-5978 (accepts most baud rates,
etc.).  The READ_ME.1ST file on the BBS provides an introductory overview of
the BBS.  The 11 FILELIST.XXX files describe the files in separate BBS

The Web site and BBS have instrument driver files, documents and tutorials on
PCTM products, example programs, and other relevant information.

* Note that customers with fax machines can use our faxback system at
970-679-3031.  The customer calls with his or her touchtone phone and the
computer voice walks him through requests of catalogs or documents to be sent
to any fax machine.  This covers *all* MXD product families.