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VRf : To Greg Goebel (HP) and All - Printing Panels Problem

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 24, 1997
there continues to be a problem, trying to print an object panel using
the HP VEE 3.12 RunTimeVersion.

The HP VEE Program is rather simple: A data set is transmitted to an
object with panel, displaying the data ("Show panel on execute" is on).
To this object, a "Print" Control Terminal is added. So, the objects
panel is printed out running the program.
This works fine using HP VEE 3.12 full package.
This works also using HP VEE 3.12 full package and starting the program
with the -r option.
But it doesnt work (!!) starting the program with the Run Time Version:
Instead of a panel, only a frame with grey area anside is printed !

Who knows whats going on ?

Thanks and best regards
Albert Gleissner