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VRf - Again on sequencer

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 27, 1997
Hi Greg,

thanks for your prompt response.

After I red it, I realized that I did not explaned correctrly my problem.

I have 10 test inside the sequencer, and each one point to the next even if
pass or fail.

First case: after some failed test (3 consecutive for example) )I want to
stop continuing and exit from sequencer.
Solution?: i have think to add after each test in the sequencer a test that
verify an incremental counter of failed events. There is better solution?

Second case: the operator decide by itself after some test that the piece
is not good and want to stop.
The test are executed in sequence automatically (no request to proceed),
the operator supervision the result and at anytime can stop it with a push
button on a input from the field.
Solution?: Inside each test code I latch the stop input and in the same
fake test as before I return. There is better solution?

How can I manage this situation?

Thanks in advance.

Marco Barbieri
Proart Srl