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VRf-About Threads scheduling in HP VEE

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 30, 1997
Hi All,

I'm new to the list so excuse me if this question as already been ask
before. By the way is there any FAQ about HP VEE?
My questions are quite basic:
-In the 'How to use HP-VEE' manual, page 1-8 about Propagation of Threads
and Subthreads it is said: '...Parallel threads and subthreads operate
round-robin style...'. I do know what round robin scheduling is, but the
explanations are quite short...Does any one have more information about
this? is it possible to modify the time of time slicing in this scheduling?
is there a way to put priorities on threads?
- Is it possible to make an executable file with HP-VEE? so that different
programs made with HP-VEE can run simultaneously? if yes can they
communicate together?
- What are the differences between HP-VEE and DT-VEE?

well that's all for the moment...



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