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VRf-HPVee aross a network

Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 2, 1997
I work at a hospital which has the need to remotely analyse medical data of
various forms. The idea is that data can be collected by one PC and
transmitted across a network and analysed by a doctor on a different PC.  We
are considering the use of HPVee for this.  What are peoples experience of
the use of sockets?  Are they reliable enough to be used for this purpose?

The other question I have is in regard to the distribution of the HPVee
software for this purpose.  As I understand it Vee programs cannot be
compiled to stand alone executables.  It is then necessary to have a version
of HPVee on the client machine, purely for the purposes of allowing the
runtime program to be executed.  Is there a version of the HPVee which can
be freely distributed for running  Vee programs?


TOny Fitzgerald