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VRf - Message Box

Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 2, 1997
Hi VRf,

I've got a slight problem with the pop-up location of message boxes.
I'm currently using HP-VEE v4.0 to run a HP-VEE program that
was originally writtten with v3.21 (this is all under HP-UX v10.20).

The problem is that all message boxes pop-up in the top-left portion
of the screen, not centered. So far, I've tried the following with no

1- Running the program and centering the message boxes. After which I
re-saved the program. After re-loading and running the program again
most of the message boxes were still located in the top-left corner.

2- Deleting the message boxes, recreating them, re-saving,
re-loading, and then running the program. I got the same results,
top-left corner ...

Is this a bug or am I doing something totally wrong ? Furthermore, is
there a method by which I can specify the location of a message box ?

Any help is much appreciated ...


Michel Gagne
Cambridge, Canada
(519) 622-2300 x 575