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VRf: Need help

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 4, 1997
Has any one writtena DLL library to
perform the broadcast successfully ?

>From: Mark Ahrens <>
>Subject: Re: VRf: Need help
>Date: Wed, 30 Jul 97 18:07:45 MDT
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>Just a clarification, not only are broadcast *addresses* not supported, but
>neither are UDP messages, which tend to be broadcast-like in the sense that
>they are connectionless.
>Mark Ahrens
>Hewlett Packard
>US TMO Call Center
>>I asked this same question several months ago and was told by the lab
that VEE
>>does not support broadcast messages.  You may need to write a DLL library
>>perform the broadcast.
>>If you get a better answer or find a method that works, please let the
>>know about it.
>>Good luck!
>>Bruce Wenner
>>HP St. Paul
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>>Subject: VRf: Need help
>>Author:  Non-HP-ndogra ( at HP-USA/o2=mimegw3
>>Date:    7/30/97 4:38 AM
>>Hi everyone there in the world of mystery!
>>I am a new kid on the block (of HP VEE). 
>>I have HPVEE 4.0 installed in Windows95 based PC. I have a requirement to
>>transmit data (broadcast) to a UNIX based remote host on the network, in
a "send
>>& pray" mode. 
>>I am using I/O-->To/From Socket addressing under HP VEE.
>>There will be no request from the remote host on the network for data. There
>>will be no acknowledgement from the host of the data received. I just keep
>>pumping out data. I don't even care if transmission media (Ethernet card
>>fibre optic cable in this case) is lost. 
>>I think "User Datagram Protocol (UDP)" is the right way to go for this
>>application. However, I have not been able to determine either from HP VEE
>>documentation or Windows95 documentation, the methodology to configure in
>>I have no problem configuring network based on TCP/IP. I believe UDP is a
>>of TCP/IP.
>>I'll appreciate if some one shed  light on the use of UDP in the environment
>>described above.
>>Thanks in advance
>>Narinder Dogra
>>Narinder Dogra
>>Tel: (415) 604-2176
>>Building 213, 2nd floor, cubicle 5
>>M/S 213-15
>>Moffett Field, Ca 94035-1000
>Mark Ahrens
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Narinder Dogra

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