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Question asked by VRFuser on May 20, 1997
> > Subject: Vrf: how to print entire userpanel?

Try to explain better.

my main panel looks something like:

|button||                            |
+------+|                            |
|button||        some X-Y display    |
+------+|        at least two        |
|button||        different functions |
+------+|        can give a pop-up   |
|button||        panel, and the      |
+------+|        main program has    |
|      ||        the default panel   |
| some ||                            |
|status||                            |
|      ||                            |

Most parts of the screen are filled by the main program, and can be
'overruled' by different pop-up-panels.

printing the X-Y displays is simple.
printind the status info is also simple
But we need all together on one sheet:
the status AND the X-Y display AND the actual buttons (just in fact a
screen print at the main level).

It is possible when I manually run my program, via the menu
File/Print Screen.

However, when I start from the commandline HPVEE -r <myfile.vee>,
(which will be the final situation) there is no menu (what I expect

I would need to add a button 'PRINT' which would do the job, but from
here I only can print 'lower' panels seperately.

I see no way to add a button which can print the entire main
userpanel, including the active pop-ups.

Groetjes, Johannes