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Using records

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 10, 1997
I have an application where I am trying to set up the four channels
     of an 8757D from a data table.  When it comes to setting colors
     and/or measurement modes (A/R, B/R, A, etc),  I need a way to
     translate human meaningful commands into 8757 code.
     Measurement   Command
     A/R             AR
     B/R             BR
     In HP Basic I used case statements (which Vee does not have).  I
     was trying to put the commands into a record and import the dataset
     with a condition for say, "A/R".
     The problem is, if I have two channels set to measure A/R, I get
     an  "End of file or no match error".
     Another way to do this would be to have an array for Measurement
     and one for Command and do an array search in Measurement and
     then use the same array element location in Command.
     However, Vee does not have the MAT SEARCH, LOC commands.  Does
     Vee have any plans for adding MAT SEARCH or CASE statements?
     I just realized Datasets have "rewind" pins, but throw out this
     problem for your advice.  Has anyone come up with better work
     arounds for lack of MAT SEARCH commands?  My solution works,
     but it is not the most elegent.
     Ken Larson