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Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 9, 1997

George Rueter
11/10/97 03:56 PM
I would like to use a PC as a GPIB talker/listener(non-controller) using
VEE 4.01. The PC's are WIN95 PC systems with HP 82341C GPIB cards. I have
successfully done this with a "C" program using the SICL drivers and the
old I/O CONFIG program but would like to do it in VEE. Has anyone done this
with VEE 4.01? I have been unable to find a way in VEE to disable the GPIB
controller function.

Thanks in advance,

George Rueter
Omnipoint Corp.
Colorado Springs, CO
719-548-1201 X-1621

From: "Coulam, Jeff" <>
To: "'Stan Bischof'" <>
Subject: RE: VRF - PCMCIA GPIB Card
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 1997 16:43:22 -0500

Thank you, as soon as I changed the address to 14 it worked great.

Jeff Coulam
Energy Storage Technology
Compaq Computer Corp.
V: 281-514-2272
F: 281-518-4882

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From:     Stan Bischof []
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Subject:     Re: VRF - PCMCIA GPIB Card

> Hello All,
> I just got a National Instruments PCMCIA GPIB card and I want to use
> it with VEE 4.01, Windows95, how do I configure it?  If I run the
> Config utility it does not recognize it.

(1) make sure that you have the latest _WIN95_ drivers from NI.
You can download them if needed.

(2) Install the drivers as noted in the install instaructions. This
not Plug and Play.

(3) I woudln't expect I/O Config to recognize it since the NI card
doesn't use SICL (I don't think).

(4) when you get into VEE remember that the NI card will be at SC
rather than the _7_ you might normally expect. In fact if you go into
VEE and try 14 you might already be installed correctly. Try
"refresh" on "my configuration" in the Instrument Manager and see
if the card is found.

>From my own experience, the NI card is a pain to get configured
right, but it works very nicely and reliably.


Stan Bischof