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Timeout in HPVee 4.01

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 10, 1997
Hello everyone,

        I have recently upgraded my characterisation apparatus to Windows 95 and HP VEE 4.01. I am controlling
four instruments; a HP3245A current source, a HP 3456 Voltmeter, a EG&G Model 5209 Lock In Amplifier and a
Lakeshore Model 330 Temperature Controller. These are controlled using a model 82341 HP interface bus. The HP
instruments can be controlled via both the associated panel drivers and direct I/O. I only use direct I/O on the other
instruments, which appears to be working O.K. However, if I run my program, which involves sending commands to the
instruments every 2/3 seconds, the temperature controller and /or lock-in usually times out, with an error message 811. I
have checked everything suggested in the help file, (loose cables, addresses, longer timeouts etc.) without any success.
Does anybody know of anything else I might be doing wrong which would cause these timeouts to keep happening in the
middle of my programs ???

        Any advice would be greatly appreciated !

        Many thanks,

                Martin McCurry
Martin McCurry
Department of Pure and Applied Physics
Queen's University of Belfast