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Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 25, 1998
I've never tried Vee with HP-UX, but isn't there a no hangup function that
would pass the process onto the super process when you logout like the nohup

Greg Goebel wrote:

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> date: Wednesday, 25 March 1998 1013 MST
> Hi All:
> On this business of logging out and leaving VEE running:  the only way you
> could do this is on HP-UX, and then only if you have VEE operating over
> X-Windows with a console on a remote machine.  VEE *must* have a display to
> write to.
> As far as remote consoles on PCs go, I believe there are some technology
> options available or becoming available, but how VEE would work with them
> is neither known nor guaranteed.  An item to work for in the future.
> [<>] regards -- gvg