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HP 34401 DMM multi-thread sequence with Data Translation Counter/Timer

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 8, 1999
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I got this "HP VEE Run Time Error" when i'm trying to load 48 dll's into my test program.
I need 48 dll's for separately communications to 48 com ports (com3-com50).
I can not close any ports until all data from all units are finished. And I need to test all units almost i paralell because of very
short test time i temperature chamber.

Cannot execute file "......"
Could not load dynamicaly linked library
System erroe code: 0x3e6 (998)
System erroe message: Invalid access to memory location.


Error number: 716


The error came when I try to load library no. 14.

Any ideas ?

Odd Pedersen
Sonec Kongsberg

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