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Question asked by VRFuser on May 7, 1998
Hallo all!

At first I want to say "Thank You!" to all of You for spending Your time
answering questions on that list and especially to Greg for keeping that
service alive. I think the reflector is a very good tool for changing
experiences and to discuss problems or ideas concerning HP VEE. wrote:

> Folks,
> My two-cents.  For those who want to filter by address, remember that a lot
> of people use reply-to-all.  This will result in mail being recieved that
> pertains to the VRF, but will not be caught by address filtering.  I like
> subject-line filtering for that reason. i.e. Sometimes you recieve multiple
> messages on replies because you get one sent directly to you, and another
> from the vrf.

I totally agree with Andrew.

I for my person use procmail for filtering my email, and I filter by
(so I get all the mail that is "only" for me in my Inbox and all other
in other
folders). But I think, if someone on that list uses filtering by
we all should use that "VRF-" subject. It makes no effort, because we
have to
think about the subject of tha mail in any case.

Just my $0,02!

With kind regards / Mit freundlichen Gruessen.