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Plotting to Bitmap

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 20, 1997
Hi Jeff,

In an automated test set-up for satellite microwave converters, we use
HyperSnap-DX which allows you to save your screen image as a BMP, GIF, or
JPEG file.

It is very simply called from HP VEE by the following command line example:

   hsdx -snap:x1:y1 -save:gif c:picspicture1.gif

which saves the current screen as picture1.gif in the folder c:pics.

The program is extremely well written and works perfect under Win 95, Win
95 OSR2, NT 3.51 SP5 and NT 4.0 SP3.

And now to the best: it's only $25 and is found on the web at

Best regards from Sweden!

Ulf Lange

Microwave Design
Saab Ericsson Space AB

address:   S-40515 Goteborg, SWEDEN
tel:       +46-31-335 44 14
fax:       +46-31-335 95 20
minicall:  0746-29 84 26
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