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VRF - VEE on Board Test System HP3070

Question asked by adam.nguyen on Feb 1, 1998

We have purchased the HP3070 Series II - Board Test Systems, included HP
VEE 4.01

To use VEE in board test, we have followed the instructions in Option
Rev. D manual (chapter 2):

In the "testplan" we type:

if nrun = 1 then
  call Initialize_HP_VEE
  . . . .
end if

!subroutine near the end of "testplan"
sub Initialize_HP_VEE
    rinit "vee"; program
"/hp3070/boards/testAssembly/workfile.vee",servicetype "vee"
    ! above is one line, line number is 1377
. . .

When running "testplan", we get an Error Message:

     "Remote error: Service Manager on hp3070 has not responded at
line 1377"

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Adam D. Nguyen