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vrf- cgi Encryption tools sought.

Question asked by VRFuser on May 12, 1998
Vee World,
     I have an off topic, but quite interesting question for you that deals
     with encryption.
     Your feedback would be appreciated on the following pursuit of
     knowledge.  I am doing detective work among friends, collegues and the
     internet to acquire knowledge about software tools that can emulate
     the cgi-navigation that a web-browsers performs.  I would like to use
     some script to automate a performance-evaluation of a web-based
     application.  To simulate 100 users utilization the web-based app. I
     would rather use a scripting tool, or executable that I can spawn
     automatically than try the ridiculous: get 100 users together to
     navigate for a test case.  I know these tools exist, but I have some on.
     The tools are common for regular cgi-get and put stuff, but my catch
     is that I need SSL3-encryption enabled tools.  This has narrowed the
     pool of tools for me.  'Netcat' was one nice tool for non-encrypted
     Any contacts or knowledge that you may have would be valued.
     I have identified 'SSLeay' as one SSL-complient tool, but I want more
     options.  The tool can be PC or UNIX.  I would actually prefer PC
     since I have been iritated to have to compile the UNIX source code for
     my HP-UX environment, and often have failures in doing that.
     Thanks for your time and for reading this!  Please forward it to folks
     as much as is desired to further my pursuit.
     Andrew Hamilton