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Communication between two HPVEE applications

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 1, 1998
subject: VRF: Communication between two HPVEE applications

Hi all,

Just this question: What is suggested to be the best way for setting
up communication between two HPVEE programs on one machine.

I am thinking of one application which will do some
specific measurements. This will be used 'stand-alone' as well as in
an automated environment.
In the automated environment I want to 'drive' the same stand-alone
version to do many of these measurements in a kind of batchmode,
check the results, and eventually repeat some tests under operators
control or automatically.
To me the best approach seems to be to write this as two seperate
programs, because they are basically independent, and the batch-part
can easily be adapted to perform a similair task with other
To get it working I need bi-directional communication, not that
All this should run under NT 4.0 , VEE 4.01

I can think of :
- Calling the measurement as a function. But then
  the handling of panels will become very tricky,
  I think.
- Using files. Seems rather troublesome
  to get it working bi-directional.
- Using Sockets. Just know not much about this.
- Using DDE, but I have some old communication about this,
  which discourages me:
(dated 03 July 1996, source: GVG)

> ...VEEWIN is acting as a client; VEEWIN *cannot*
> act as a server.

> Unfortunately, DDE is now being phased out by Microsoft
> in favor of OLE (object linking & embedding) and support
> for DDE by most vendors is being swiftly abandoned.
> For this fact and the unfortunate reality that DDE was
> never a very robust protocol to begin with, we discourage
> its use: it's not a good solution and it has no future.

Any suggestions would be higly appreciated.
With kind regards,
  Johannes Mulder           
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