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Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 28, 1998
send q VRF-Execute_Program ww vrf

from: Greg Goebel / HP-MXD / 800-452-4844
to:   VRf-Ger_Murray
date: Sunday, 29 March 1998 0848 MST

> My main need was for a result display program to be started up by the
> parent VEE Test Program but be able to run standalone or to useable by
> other test programs.
> My workaround will probably be to make the called program a set of
> user functions imported as a library in to the main prog.
> This works OK but I feel it's a bit of a kludge.

Chaining routines is a well-established technology going back to FORTRAN and
BASIC.  The VEE mechanisms are simple -- you just use the LOAD LIBRARY and
DELETE LIBRARY objects -- and convenient to use.  Certainly it is a much
cleaner implementation than loading multiple copies of VEE.

> What VEE really needs, big time, is a set of system 'ping' sources of
> the type that are typical of other programming languages such as C++,
> Labwindows/CVI and Visual Basic such as:
> on_mouse_event_left_click
> on_mose_position(Width,Height,x,y)
> on_key_press(key)
> on_hundredth_timer              - Pings 100 times a second.
> on_tenth_timer                  - Pings 10 times a second.
> on_one_timer                    - Pings every second.
> on_srq(address)
> And a hundred other system interrupt events that should be accessible to
> a hardware interfacing language such as VEE.

Since ON CYCLE does the timer stuff and INTERFACE EVENT handles ON SRQ, I
suspect you want something else that provide an interrupt override for the
execution of other threads (since it seems otherwise that these facilities
are for the most part readily available).  If so you're asking for major
changes in the language architecture.

If you want that level of control, I suspect that VEE is not the tool you
need to do that job and should seriously consider another solution.

[<>] regards -- gvg