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VRf - help with DDE to EXCEL

Question asked by VRFuser on May 12, 1998

     Hello Dave,
     You might want to consider upgrading to VEE 5.0 ($295 for Win32) to
     take advantage of ActiveX Automation rather than using DDE.
     Bruce Wenner
     HP St. Paul

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Subject: VRf - help with DDE to EXCEL
Author:  Non-HP-David.Woodward ( at
Date:    5/12/98 8:44 AM

Hi there,

I am writing a very large data collecting program that goes out
periodically and takes a set of data points.  The problem is, is that I
would like to have the data dump to an EXCEL sheet as soon as it is
taken.  I have not had any success getting my program to do this.  I am
using HPVEE 4.0, and  I would really appreciate any suggestions.

Thank You,

Dave Woodward
Calibration Support Specialist
BOEING Information & Support Systems
M/S:  8H-44    Phone:  (253)773-4256