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VRF PEAK Detection

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 4, 1998
> Subject:       VRF RE: PEAK Detection
> I need to obtain the time interval between peaks in a large array of
> data.

I did just some litle thinking about your problem:

First you need to decide your threshold: what is a peak, what not.
For this playing with SIGNOF(SORT(ARRAY,0)-THRESHOLD) could help,
this will set the highest values first, and gives an array starting
with 1's for the peaks, -1's for the notpeaks. I realize that your
peaks might not be sigle values, but a range of values.
But still: choosing your threshold seems important.
Data filtering could help here.

Second I would map my array (I generated a coord array by filling
the Y-value with a ramp when I tried something). Then, when you
applied your threshold, after sorting the array it is fairly easy by
looking to the Y-values what is the time distance.

An FFT might be another way to find the repetition frequency (that is
in fact what you want to know)

At last: finding a good algoritm is important. Once found it,
programming is easy. Note that VEE is strong in manipulating arrays.
So not try to split up arrays too quickly.
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