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Running VEE

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 29, 1998

Hello everybody,

Some days ago, in this reflector it was discussed about the possibility of
working (of course, VEE) in background in UNIX and/or NT.

I am very interesting on it. That is, I am interesting, in principle in
UNIX, in a VEE (run only) application that starts automatically when a WS is
booted. I think that much of the other Workstation services should be off
for the normal user. That is, the user should have only the possibility of
restarting the vee in case of problems (not reboot the WS).

However I would like to have the possibility of being able to switch-on the
UNIX  services easily (without rebooting) in order to maintenance purposes

I do not know if it is necessary to boot directly to an UNIX account or it
is not necessary.

I think that this is related to above items just raised to VEE reflector.

Any idea would be appreciated. Thanks,


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