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vrf-activeX books

Question asked by VRFuser on May 12, 1998
> Can anyone out there recommend a good book that they have used to learn
> about ActiveX. Do the HP-VEE 5.0 books explain how to use ActiveX to
> dump data into Excel?
> Any suggestions will be appreciated..
     I haven't seen these books yet, so I can't recommend them.  I can only
     suggest that you have a look:
     Automation Programmer's Reference
     Microsoft Corporation
     ISBN:      1-57231-584-9
     Pages:     496
     Price:     $24.99 US
     Release:   2/26/97
     Level:     Int/Adv ... le_id=1303

     Microsoft Office 97/Visual Basic Programmer's Guide (Greg's earlier
     Microsoft Corporation
     ISBN:      1-57231-340-4
     Pages:     560
     Price:     $34.99 us
     release:   12/27/96
     Level:     Int/Adv
     ActiveXTM Controls Inside Out, Second Edition
     Adam Denning  
     ISBN:      1-57231-350-1
     Pages:     672
     Disk:      1 CD
     Price:     $39.95 US
     Release:   1/8/97
     Level:     Int/Adv
     Understanding ActiveXTM and OLE
     David Chappell  
     ISBN:      1-57231-216-5
     Pages:     352
     Price:     $22.95 US
     Release:   9/17/96
     Level:     Beg/Int
     You can visit and search for ActiveX to find
     many more references.
          Bruce Wenner
          HP St. Paul