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hp11713a instrument driver

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 5, 1998

When you have difficulty communicating with an instrument, the best thing to
do is drop back to as simple a communication level as possible.  There are
two tools I would try to first insure that you can talk to the device.

First, go to the VXIpnp folder in your start menu and select VISA
Interactive Control.  This is a GUI application that comes with NI-VISA to
interactively talk to the instruments.  This will eliminate HP VEE and help
narrow down the problem.  When you launch the app, it will search for
devices and should show your GPIB device.  Double click on the entry and try
to do a VISA Read/Write (like *IDN?).  If this works, then the HW is
configured correctly.

If this doesn't work, we can try a different tool, which is under the
NI-488.2M folder in the start menu.  Here, try the Win32 Interactive
control.  This eliminates VISA and focuses on the raw NI-488.2 level
commands.  Below is a simple script to try to see if your device can be
talked to (note that X is the primary address of your device).

ibfind devX
ibwrt "*idn?"
ibrd 200

If this does not work, the PCMCIA-GPIB cannot access the GPIB device due to
one of many possible problems (device problem, cable problem, PCMCIA
problem, configuration problem, etc.)

Hope this helps narrow down the problem

Brian Tyler
National Instruments

> I question how the driver works with the Nat. Inst.
>IEEE488 PCMCIA card, maybe there are configuration settings that >are
>We are planning to use this equipment configuration for portable
>data acquisition projects through the factory.  There are many
>applications where this equipment would be ideal.  Please advise...